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Finished basements in Harford County


PM Home Remodel: Finished basements in Harford County

Having a space like a basement is an opportunity to have everything that needs to be stored away from the view of others. In a basement we usually store seasonal clothes, Christmas ornaments, Halloween decorations, things we don't use anymore, and even things we don't even know we have.
But having a finished basement is much better, it is having a space designed to your liking, used in the best way and for what you need. From a place to hang out, to a room for our guests, having a finished basement, enhances your home, gives it more life and space.
At PM Home Remodel we are experts in finished basements, no matter if it is big or small, we are ready to make your project a reality.

How do I start My Finished Basement Project in Harford County?

To begin with, the first thing to do is to define what you want to do with the space; do you want an extra room, a game room, a guest room, a laundry area, or even an entertainment area for the whole family. 
After this, the first step is to know how to distribute the space, according to the needs that you have and to have clear the budget that will be destined to this project.
It is important to know that although almost all the basements look the same, not all behave in the same way, there are some that require more attention and repairs than others, it all depends on the current state and how far you want to go.

Contact us to book your finished basement project in Harford County or the nearby area!

What is the Finished Basement Process in Harford County Like?

At PM Home Remodel, we offer a collaborative, step-by-step approach to remodeling in order to maximize project efficiency. Here is how your finished basement renovation in Harford County will appear:

The Initial Consultation: After a phone talk or email to see if we are a good fit for you, our project manager accompanied by our sales personnel will visit your house for a free on-site consultation. Here, we assess your needs, desires, and design choices. In addition, we provide the historical budget ranges for similar projects and provide a cost estimate.

Design and feasibility process: When you're ready to commit to a design, we measure and photograph your current floor and its environs. Our finished basements remodelers analyze your exact project objectives once more to ensure we have the correct information, including design, budget, and materials, with which the estimate is developed and sent.

Plan review: For this phase, we send the estimate according to the needs of the project, time and materials. The submitted estimate can always be negotiated. We are always open to listen to our customers and work according to their needs.


Selection and Planning Process: Our designers will next lead you through the selection and planning process by visiting our chosen vendors and their showrooms to finalize the materials that will bring your project to life. In the meantime, the manufacturing department manages the Basement renovation's orders, and schedule.

Pre-construction Walk-through: After many in-house pre-production meetings, we will organize an on-site pre-construction walkthrough with you approximately one week prior to the start of construction. This allows us to examine the project's logistics and establish clear communication channels so that the project may be done efficiently and effectively.

Construction begins: As our skilled artisans and designers alter your finished basement , we keep you apprised of any changes to the project's timetable or scope and meet regularly to assess our progress. Basement renovations are all about the details, therefore site visits to discuss material patterns and fixture placement are essential to the success of the project.

Once the job is complete, we give a final walk-through to verify your complete satisfaction and to discuss your next remodeling endeavor.

Call our Harford County finished basement remodelers to discuss your next project.

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